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Image Cropper

Image Cropper

To “crop” an image is to remove or adjust the outside edges of an image (typically a photo) to improve framing or composition, draw a viewers eye to the image subject, or change the size or aspect ratio. In other words, image cropping is the act of improving a photo or image by removing the unnecessary parts.

Crop the image online. Image Cropper is the easy way for you to instantly crop the image . provides free online Image Cropper tool. Image Cropper tool is real fast and easy-to-use.

How to Crop the Image

  • Click on “Choose file” and upload your desired image that you want to crop.
  • When image will be uploaded then image will show and you can select the area of the image that you want to crop
  • After select the area which you want to crop click on button crop image.
  •  On click the the process will start to crop the image.When the process will complete modal will open ,modal will show you cropped image.
  •  Click on Download image button to download Croped image.
  • You are done! 



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