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Instagram Post Generator

Instagram Post Generator Tool

Generate Instagram Post online.Newspaper Generator tool is the easy way for you to instantly Generate Newspaper online. provides free online tool To Generate the Newspaper.Newspaper Generator tool is Really fast and easy to use.

How to Generate Instagram Post

  1. Post
    • Select/upload profile picture
    • Select/upload post picture
    • Enter Follow Or Following:
    • Enter Name
    • Enter Location
    • Enter Likes
    • Enter Description
    • Enter View More Comments:
    • Select Themes (light/dark)
    • Select Verified Tag(Yes/No)
    • Select Header Visible (Yes/No)
    • Select Location Visible (Yes/No)
    • Add Comment Visible (Yes/NO)
    • More Text Visible (Yes/No)
    • Story Circle (Enable/Disable)
    • Select Like Post(Yes/No)
    • Select Save Post(Yes/No)
    • Select Info Dots (vetical/horizental)
    • You are done!
  2. Comment
    • Select/Upload the profile picture.
    • Enter Name
    • Select Add Verified Tag (Yes/No)
    • Select Reaction On Comment (Like/Unlike)
    • Enter description
    • click on button Add Comment


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