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Yesterdat at 10 am

Mesage here.
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Facebook Post Generator

Facebook Post Generator Tool

Generate Facebook Post online. Facebook Post Generator Tool is the easy way for you to instantly Generate Facebook Post. Classtools24.com provides a free online Facebook Post Generator tool. Facebook Post Generator tool is really fast and easy to use.

How to Generator Facebook Post

  1. Post
    • Selec/unselect user onine
    • Select Profile photo
    • Select post photo
    • Enter Name
    • Enter Message
    • Enter Post time
    • Enter Visible for (public,friends etc...)
    • Enter Post type (image/video/text)
    • Enter Reactions(like,sad,haha)
    • show options (Like,Comments,share)
    • Enter Reactions count
    • Enter Comment Count
    • Enter Shares Count
    • Enter view more Comments
    • Enter Reaction On Post
    • Action On Post
    • Click on download button to download
  2. Comment
    • Selec/unselect user comment onine
    • Select Profile photo
    • Select comment photo
    • Enter Name
    • Enter User Comment
    • Enter Reactions on Post
    • Enter Comment time
    • Enter Comment Likes
    • Enter Reactions(like,haha,sad)
    • Click on Add Comment or Add reply
    • Click on Download button to download facebok post


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